Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Big Issue

I used to buy the Dutch version of the Big Issue, so I decided to make it a tradition and buy the paper here too. Apart from the interesting stuff that is in it, you can have fun buying it too.

Just around the corner from the library where I go to use the internet, were 3 blokes propped up against a shopwindow. The papers were on a little table in front of them, just barely out of the dripping rain. I passed them twice and they didn't give me as much as a look. Well, I do not feel really obliged to ask if I can please please buy a newspaper from them, so no deal there.

Luckily another vendor got the idea of how to sell and was able to follow up on it. He was on his own two streets further up and smiling at everyone, while trying to make conversation. You know, saying things as 'How is your day today?' and 'How are you?'. How can you resist? Actually, a lot of fancy dressed people did, but being a just immigrated Dutchie, without any friends here, I was of course a pushover. So we started a conversation and he tried to guess my birthcountry. When I admitted being Dutch, he seamlessly went on with the remark 'Dutch women are always very beautiful. I've known one and she had the most incredible blue eyes.'

Well, to cut a long story short: you'll understand that he will be my regular vendor from now on?

Bye the way, I also had a good laugh yesterday with a guy who put up a sign reading '3 jokes for a dollar'. Works a lot better than 'I'm hungry', I can assure you.

Monday, June 27, 2005


I got a job! Hurray! And I even can cancel another second job interview. Doesn't get more luxurious then that. Great. I'm happy. :-)))))

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Some weekends

Lots of nice things happened over the weekend, as in we finally managed to get the key of the rental house that we have been waiting for the last two months. Okay, there is no working kitchen yet, nor a toilet, but the plummer should be attending to these things as we speak, so to speak. Keep my fingers crossed.

Also the audition I went to to get a part in Ruddigore went really well. At least I was able to sing a whole song this time and even sound pretty okay.

But everything was overclouded by the fact that my father in law had a stroke and is in hospital now, waiting for more information about the cause and hoping for the return of movement in his left limbs. It is great that we can go over there, since he is actually in Oz at the moment, but I had imagined our reunion in a little bit happier place than a shitty hospital (no offence). Damn.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Quick quick

Racing through today. The sun was out for the first time this week, so put in a shitload of washing. Took me half an hour to put it on the drying lines! (Gee, where are the days gone that I had a dryer to stuff it all in within three minutes! Those things you never think about when you try to imagine your life in a different country, now do you?)

Called the library for an internet hour but all the computers were fully booked for the day. Managed to find an odd hour during everyone else's lunchbreak. Walked in a hurry to the library in order not to miss a minute. (Very good actually, since 'brisk walking' for at least half an hour a day is highly recommended here.) Behind the computer I raced through the website of the organisation where I have a job interview on Monday and printed everything. Hope the printer managed to get all the letters this time instead of only twothird on the left side.

Tried to read up on some weblogs I love, but fat chance. Next person is already breathing down my neck here. Have to get internet at our new home. Don't care what it will cost actually. :-~

Monday, June 20, 2005

Dancing through life

Actually, I'm not really a person that goes through life dancing. I mean in a way I do, literally. Because I love to dance. Dancing makes me feel good, happy, without worries. Just let the music guide me. Doesn't really matter if it is on flamenco music with my shoes-con-tacons-cubano, or ballroom or disco or salsa or jazz ballet or tapdance. Every dance will do. So, that is why I choose this name for my blog. Problem is that my mind tends to be on the melancholy site. Not dancing at all. Sometimes down right noir. But I would like to be different. Get 'inner poise' as Bridget Jones tries so hard for in her struggle with life. And although I don't have a problem with drinking or smoking or nasty boyfriends, the inner poise bit would be quite useful to obtain.

So here we go, trying to look at the bright sight and subsequently dance through life. Don't be disappointed if it is a slow dance every now and then.