Monday, September 26, 2005

Most boring lunch ever

Picture this: 6 people sharing lunch in a nice Thai restaurant. 4 people talking about old times, 2 people staring into the blue getting totally ignored. Nobody asks them anything, nobody speaks to them. Did I tell you they all work at the same office?? Must have been the most boring lunch I ever attended. Only positive thing was that I could really concentrate on my food and try to chew each bite 36 times, since that is supposed to work wonders for you digestive system. Give me a Dutch cheese sandwich (broodje kaas) anytime!

It never rains in Canberra

and I'm really glad about that, cause if it rained any more than it has done for the past months, I'm afraid we would drown. :-(


With a clairvoyant view on the future, we got married 4 years ago. Which did help in obtaining a visa for Oz. Today is our anniversary, which we normally celebrate by going to a nice Italian restaurant (mind you: not a pizzajoint!) in Breda. Since that is a bit far from Canberra to go for a dinner, we will settle for good Vietnamese instead. Gosh, what a dissapointment .... ;-)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Girlie talk

I always said I did not want to live in Queensland, since they do have the most horrendous weather over there. Think humid and hot. Think mosquitos and cockcroaches. Definitely not me. But, and this is a biggie, that weather at least leaves you looking good. Canberra means dryer than dry, even when it rains oddly enough. So since I moved here, my hair is getting oily within no time, while at the same time it is horribly dry and frizzy. Where are the curls I still had in Malaysia??? I spend like a fortune on stuff to put on my skin and it is still dry and itchy. Two years further and I'll look like I'm 85. Some good advice anyone??

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tik tok tik tok

4.45 pm
4.46 pm
4.47 pm
4.48 pm

Don't you just love to work?

Work and all that

Okee, I know I'm not all that, but this job isn't all that either. So I decided to get back to square one and try to find another one that suits me and my abilities better. A job in education preferably. I'm excited by the idea alone, although I have no clue about how to find one. Scary! The nice Singaporian chick that is my colleague (her words by the way, in case you think I'm using disciminating language) gave me a contact at the uni. Hope that will lead to some information on how to go about it. Keep my fingers crossed.

Had a lot of fun today by the way with this same colleague. Don't know anyone who can impersonate a goldfish that well and still be cute! ;-)

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Best discovery so far

A month has past with the speed of lightning since my last post. Must be starting a new job. And I cannot even say 'time flies when you're having fun', cause I'm not having much fun. The general feeling is more of exhaustion so far. Well, since it is Sunday now, I'm not going on about it. Let's switch to nice subjects.

Nice as in nice food. Best discovery so far are the beer battered chips with chili mayonaise of the pub in Ainslie. Wow! I know, I know, not much vitamins and all that in it, but hey, it's the weekend!

Finished the first draft of the book and I'm very happy. We will still have to rewrite stuff, but this draft is sent off to the publisher. Keep my fingers crossed that they will actually approve of our 180 pages hard work and that they will send their feedback to us very soon. Looking forward to having some free weekends again.