Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Quest almost over

Two very good chances of getting an interesting job were both smashed into pieces last week. For 2 days I sank in this pool of self pity, thinking unhelpful thoughts as 'I'll never find a job' and 'nobody is ever going to hire me' and 'I'm a big failure and should have stayed in the Netherlands'. After that this determination came over me and I decided I was not defeated yet!

So I started searching all over again and send in my resume to various agencies, which got me a number of invitations to come around and introduce myself. Don't know why it worked this time, but never question a good thing, right? And now it seems the quest is almost over: next week I have to discuss the details (minor things like salary and all that), but it sure looks like I've found a job for 3 days a week until July! Hurray!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Holiday is over

It was very nice lazing around for a week, hiking through the Snowy Mountains (38 degrees!), fighting of the varocious flies, listening to the abundance of kookaburra's and eating cold baked beans, because of the total fire ban. Now, however, a new year has started and the goal is to find a job. Preferably one not to boring and paying not to badly, but for now any job will do. Good thing is I got another job interview on Monday. Less good is that I have to do another presentation, 10 minutes for an audience of 6 and 7 year olds, on any subject regarding 'historical site interpretation'. Right. So far, I had 50 ideas, none of them useful. Well, still 3 days to go. Hope they call to offer me the teaching job beforehand though. Big sigh ........