Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Quest almost over

Two very good chances of getting an interesting job were both smashed into pieces last week. For 2 days I sank in this pool of self pity, thinking unhelpful thoughts as 'I'll never find a job' and 'nobody is ever going to hire me' and 'I'm a big failure and should have stayed in the Netherlands'. After that this determination came over me and I decided I was not defeated yet!

So I started searching all over again and send in my resume to various agencies, which got me a number of invitations to come around and introduce myself. Don't know why it worked this time, but never question a good thing, right? And now it seems the quest is almost over: next week I have to discuss the details (minor things like salary and all that), but it sure looks like I've found a job for 3 days a week until July! Hurray!


emeralds_roses said...

Congratulations! It seems that luck has shone on both of us. My contract was not renewed (I found out in November) and after intense searching I found a job at the competitor school. I start on the 1st of February (my contract here ends on the 31st of January) and I've got lots of perks too :o)

Velle said...


I know you told us over coffee, but thought I'd put my congratulations here for prosterity.


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