Wednesday, December 13, 2006

TT#4: Idiosyncracies

Thirteen Things about myidiosyncracies

1. The only soft drink I really like is no sugar cola. It may be called 'diet', 'max' or 'sugarfree' and it can be any brand (low price determines the cola of choice when shopping). My very favourite though is Diet Coke with Lime, from the nestor of cola.

2. If there is a mirror, or a window for that matter, I have to look in it. My left side is slimmer than my right side. Isn't that weird?

3. I have to put on my seatbelt before driving away. Without it I feel naked.

4. I cannot get used to bike helmets. I find them silly, sweaty and totally nonsens if you're over, say, 10 years old. They mess up your hair too. As soon as I say this, people start with the stories when a bike helmet saved their life, but I have done without one for 35 years (and fallen numerous times and never hurt my head) and I'm not convinced. The only reason I wear one is because if caught without, you loose points on your drivers license. (How stupid is that? I always were my seat belt and never drive drunk or speed!)

5. I have to check my email everyday. I'm quite dissappointed if there is none.

6. As soon as I hear the unmistakable sound of the postie (government motorbike), I have to walk to the mailbox and check. I hate it when the only thing put in is some stupid commercial stuff.

7. If I start reading a book, I have to finish it. In proper order, no peaking on the last page. Even if I don't like it.

8. I don't like to eat with my hands. I prefer cutlery, even for a sandwich, or chopsticks if must be, but no grabbing with bare hands. Even as a kid, I never wanted to hold a cookie, especially not chocolat ones: my mother had to keep it and I would have bites from it. I have adjusted in the sense that I do eat with my hands when appropriate (prawns, fries, when in Africa), but I still don't enjoy it.

9. If I think someone has a nice shirt on or something like that, I'll alway tell them. I love paying compliments, but only when sincere. No lies, unless asked for (you're not putting down irreversable breast implants or face lifts of course).

10. When I'm nervous, I talk. A lot.

11. I will never let myself be beaten by a machine. I'll use the manual, call the helpdesk, ask a friend: whatever it takes to conquer the thing. Be it a computer, a phone, a DVD recorder, a new weblog program or an oven.

12. I love wind, breeze, storm, only not too much when riding my bike in opposite direction. Walking is fine though.

13. I'm totally smitten with kangaroos. Everytime I see one,and that is quite often, I love them. They are just too cute! At night you have to be very careful, so you won't kill one on the road. On the other hand, roo mince meat is nice. Forget about the sausages though!

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~ Stacy ~ said...

Wow. That whole bit about not eating a sandwich with your hands has me sitting here stunned. Not that I think anything bad of you, I'm just curious as to why. Did you have a bad experience as a child, or something? How interesting.

Kangaroos are cute, but elephants are so sweet. [grin]

As for books... I've only ever found one book that was so awful I wanted to toss it in the trash. But, my husband had read it, and he really wanted me to read it too. I struggled to finish that one, let me tell you. Pure torture, it was.

And on that lovely note...

Have a terrific Thursday!

mar said...

I need you around here to make friends with our "new" is a year old and still can't make copies of the old videos...
Can't stand using my hands to eat, only for pizza! I sometimes don't finish books if I don't like the story...and I tend to read two different ones at the same time (not literally at the same time but you get the idea!). happy TT :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting list! I normally have to finish a book too - I think there's only ever been one book that I couldn't read in its entirety. Put no eating with your hands? Sandwiches are made for eating by hand. My hands do need to be clean (I carry Purell in my purse for when a sink and soap aren't handy) but I can't imagine eating a sandwich with cutlery!

Happy T13. :)

Anonymous said...

Diet Coke with Lime is my favourite too!
Checking my mail... how about several times a day? ;-)
Finishing books is my idiosyncracy too (great word!!).
9-10-11-12 I recognize also.
My TT is about holiday decorations.

K T Cat said...

Bike helmets are the worst! I only ride recreationally, so I don't think I'm at great risk, but I'd feel like a total dork wearing one.

My TT is up.

erica said...

I used to get disappointed when I got no email. Then I signed up for some lists and now I get it every day - spam as well. THAT I could do without.

I'm sooo #10 too. Not cool when you're at a job interview. LOL.

Tug said...

I love eating with my hands...(but I do use cutlery - I'm no neandrathal)...but there are many more I totally GET!

Happy TT

Chickadee said...

I have to sneak a peak into windows...I guess that can be a bad thing.

I didn't know some states/cities knock points off your license if you cycle iwthout a helmet.

I also buckle up before I start the car. I don't like driving w/o my seatbelt.

My 13 are up.

Taconcubano said...

Before you all think I'm really really weird: I do eat sandwiches etc 'by hand', it is just that I do not naturally like it. Never had a food fight in my life. Never enjoyed fingerpainting either, as I remember I gave my fingerpainting box away after 1 try. Kneading dough is another one: the way it sticks to your fingers, yuk! Or that stuff they made you do in kindergarten, with paper drowned in wallpaper glue .... nightmares!

K T Cat said...


Here's the site for the autolinkies. I'd never do a Thursday Thirteen without them!

kazza said...

That's the nice thing about Canberra, you drive through suburbia and the kangaroos are *just there* :)

Roo steaks are nice tho.. :) Ahh Australia, the only country that eats their national emblem :)

Taconcubano said...

Well, they're in the centre too, although I know most Ozzies think we don't have an actual city centre here. Maybe that's why the roos just hop through it? ;-)