Thursday, January 25, 2007

TT#6 Letting go

Thirteen Things about letting go

Being able to let go is not my strong suit.

1. I have a really really good memory, so just forgetting is not an option. My earlies memories are from age 3, so there are a zillion of them by now.

2. If you believe in star signs, I can blame the fact that I'm a Cancer. According to the books they can never let anything just go, be it old theater tickets or old friends. I must say that sounds like me. I used to collect everything, bar my nail clippings, just to hold on. Explanation for that would be the fact that lots of things changed in my youth that I did not want to change, but over which I had no control what so ever (you know: moving all the time, parents divorcing, schools you attend, etc), so I sort of got attached to things instead of people. Before emigrating to Oz though, I had to get rid of loads of things, so I guess that worked rather therapeutic. ;-)

3. Although I do hold on to memories, friendships, etc, I definitely do not bear grudges. I'm not vindictive and can rather easily let go of misunderstandings and fights, as long as the other party says 'sorry' too.

4. As a kid and teenager I often felt like Remi, because I didn't fit in well. My parents were weirdish hippies and I was way to smart. That's probably why I wanted to keep all the friends I had for ever and went way too far in order to keep them.

5. I'm quite protective of the people I love and rather keep them safe, so I don't want to let them go out and face the scary world.

6. If I really want something, I'll keep on going until I get the result I planned. Letting go of the dream is just not an option. That is how I managed to finally get work here in Oz: kept on 'harrassing' people until they hired me. :-)

7. As you might imagine, I'm a really good money saver. I'm not very stingy though, I just decide carefully on what to spend the money. Good causes are travelling, doing something with family or friends, studying and good dance classes.

8. After a semester, I want to keep in touch with all the students, because I got really interested in them and what they want from life and how they are going to get it. I know that is impossible, so I have to let go. Whenever I come across one accidentally, e.g. when I stumble on an ex students blog or meet them in a pub somewhere, I really like to find out how they are doing.

9. Books that I read and liked used to be kept. So I ended up with thousands of them, cause I'm an avid reader. The migration, as mentioned, forced me to get rid of lots of stuff. Also books, because it wasn't quite fair to stuff up other peoples houses with my things. About 20 moving boxes had to go. I gave away all my children's books to friends with kids and sold the rest. Heartbreaking! Now I mostly borrow books in the library, saves the trouble.

10. I love the internet, because it enables me to keep in touch with lots of friends, old colleagues, old teachers, family, new friends, etc. Love it! Won't let go of my laptop as of yet.

11. As to other things, I get attached to certain brands for certain things and I really hate it when, once again, I seem to be the only one that likes it, so it goes of the market. Favourite deodorant: gone! Favourite shampoo: gone! Favourite bra: not for sale in Oz, only in Europe. And so on. Very irritating to be made to let go of preferred niceties. I would be one of those 'loyal till death' customers, if only marketeers would give me the chance!

12. I still cannot really let go of weight. Weirdly enough I loose weight as long as I don't pay attention to it at all. As soon as I realise that I lost weight, something miswires in my brain, I start paying attention to what I eat, exercising, etc and bingo: I gain the weight back. I wish I could let go of my last bit of my eating disorder for ever.

13. Since I embraced the TT meme, I have to stick with it. Damn!

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Anonymous said...

#6, 9, 10, 11 & 13! Great list and thanks for dropping by mine :)

Di said...

I can't let go of negative things said about me or to me. Why can't I savor the good things?

Anonymous said...

I'm slowly letting go of my weight...but holy cow is it hard.

And, about your comment di, I wish we humans held on to the positive things said about us more than the negative. But it just never seems to be the case... :(

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to TT. Oh, you Cancers. All of the best friends in my life are Cancers! I love 'em!

Anonymous said...

Great list for letting go!
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for stopping by my Sunflower blog and supporting me! Welcome back anytime.

I will Exercise for Comments!

Gabrielle said...

Cancerians are good people :) Thanks for stopping by!

Gabriella said...

You know what they call people like you (and me, for that matter): packrats. Apparently my step-father is the same way. I should also learn to get rid of things I don't need or use. I think my little flat would look much more organised and I'd actually be able to use the desk instead of letting stuff pile up on it *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Letting go is the hardest lesson in life and it takes all my life to learn...
My TT lists 13 of my favourite goddess & fantasy artists.