Friday, March 23, 2007

TT#8 Countries I like

Thirteen Things about countries I like

1. The Netherlands, because my family lives there. And the best cheese comes from the Netherlands, as everybody knows (besides the French).

2. Australia, because of the wide open spaces, the many hours of sun and the awesome wildlife.

3. Spain, because of the flamenco (I love to dance the flamenco), the tapas, the beautiful cities and the Sierra the Gredos.

4. Costa Rica, because of the fantastic wonders of nature and the friendly people. Not for the food, which is mainly rice, black beans and egg or chicken. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. But who cares, when there are vulcano's to visit, canopy walks to make and slots to find?

5. Ireland, because the Irish are the friendliest people in Europe and the country is all lush green hills and rocky cliffs, surrounded by wild sea. Did I mention the Irish pubs and the catchy music?

6. Scotland, because of the awe inspiring mountains to hike in, Edinburgh and Inverness, the great Aberlour whisky, blokes in kilts, bagpipes and the best English accent. I must have been Scottish in a former life.

7. Norway, because of the vast emptiness, the fjords, the best hikes and Knivskjelodden.

8. Finland, because of the sauna's, the snow and the hot lunches.

9. Slovakia, because of the Male Fatra and the High Tatra and all the other mountains to hike. Nice people, not a great kitchen, unless you like schnitzel and cabbage every day.

10. Zimbabwe, because of the enormous amount of wildlife and the most beautiful jacaranda's I have ever seen anywhere.

11. Fiji, because of the guys in sulu's, the gorgeous food, the colourful corals and fish and the lush rainforests. And the seasnakes can't bite, or so they tell you (I have my doubts on this).

12. Belgium, because of the 24 screen cinema in Antwerp, the Belgian fries with tartare sauce and the nice language.

13. Canada, because of the Rocky Mountains, Vancouver Island and the fabulous hot springs.

Can we do 26 instead of 13??? Could easily go on for a bit here. :-)

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ancsweetnsassygal said...

I have never been to any of these places, but if and when I win the lottery, I'm going. Great TT list.

Tink said...

I've only been in the Netherlands (duh...), Belgium and Scotland from your list, but I'd love to visit the rest too!

Janet said...

ahhhh, lassy, I agree with ye aboot Scotland!

Gabriella said...

Let's see: been to Canada, Spain, Ireland, Belgium and obviously the Netherlands, but you didn't put down Italy :o( *sniff* Of course, I'll give you that you could have gone on to 26 countries, but would Italy have been one of them? ;o)

Alice Teh said...

I totally agree with what you've said about Australia, and I've been there just about 2 weeks ago. Love it!